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Boring UI Part 1

By January 4, 2020January 11th, 2020Journal, Kung Fu, Skunkworks

Building design mental muscle, Boring user interface elements, an almost introduction in Hausa, and design promises to be kept.

Firsts: Damilola is responsible for anything you find wrong with this writing, he is definitely somewhere in Surulere being very annoying, so all complaints should go to him…

Seconds: This is written in first draft mode so Gomen’nasai for all grammatical errors you might encounter, for complaints kindly refer to the paragraph above.

The Idea.

Over the holidays, I decided to post a series of UI elements, components and pages I have been working on. Part of this is just rudimentary work to keep the mental muscles working and refining a set of Interface elements for a project I am currently working on. This is also a continuation of my Figma UI series from my old website.

The larger fractal/tapestry version of this exercise is to refine a current design system I am working on called Mutum (Means human in the Hausa. Will write extensively on this in a future journal, but for now will spare you all the drivel) The

These designs are mostly inspired by things I’ve come across that i find interesting and random ideas I’ve always wanted to explore.The rules are, keep things simple and clean except where complexity is required. All designs are all made in Figma, and i will attach links at the bottom of this drivel for anybody to explore or play with the files in the future

Some of the first versions were done before the advent of Figma Auto-layout, the Auto-layout update helps speed things up.

Enjoy responsibly



Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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