Welcome to the new version of the journal, as you all might, or might not know this is a quasi-new website.

First, as the universe would have it, Damilola has found his way here. So all complaints should be directed at him.
Second, I happen to live in the hinterlands now. There is a story and half of how I ended up here. That tale will be told, when the fourth moon of Saturn enters the ninth house of… Okay! Let’s just say when Chukwudi gets around to it. For now let us stick to the very important things...

A quasi-new website, a somewhat shiny new blog you say..

Yes! Chukwudi is back on that horse again. This time will be different. Before you start hauling vegetables at me, hear me out. This is not the time for starting internet bar fights or odd references to santoku knives (I still believe everyone who likes cooking, needs a proper set of knives). It is time for better discourse, visual delights and the occasional sprinklings of the good old fashioned drivel. 

Fancy words! Fancy words Chukwudi!

I hear you, let me explain. For most designers, doing things for ourselves (by this I mean, our logo's and portfolio) goes from labor of love to pain and drudgery. Creating our own portfolios, even harder, and by that I mean, when it comes to things that concerns our own personal work we become perfectionists. This godly curse blinds us from the fact that “perfect is the enemy of good” as our dear old friend Voltaire famously quipped. 

Putting together this portfolio and getting it to this current state has for some very odd reason, been okay. This endeavour, for some strange reason, had no semblance of drudgery. Quite frankly, the only thing that was hard to find was the time to do it. At some point I thought the gods had rejected my meagre offering, till it dawned on me… 

The realisation was, This was being built to grow. I was finally building this to be an extension and collection of thoughts, Ideas and any other oddities that make it here. And of course design works both good and bad. This is not being built to just showcase my strengths as a designer, or show constant perfection, but to embrace the evolution and complexity that comes with building things over time.

For this modest venture I am adopting a few tenets, fractalization, no hard rules, and of course fully embracing the inherent complexities that come with it. 

More fancy words you say sir! Fractalization you say sir, Embrace complexity! No way sir! Mutiu from Mushin would say Ahhh! 

It's important to understand that life and everything contained therein is not linear. If this was a patch of land in some backyard in a Texas suburb, and you were not a luddite, you would definitely not want St Augustine turf grass to be the only thing there, a bit more colour besides green would be nice. 

Adding rio’s, snapdragons, black-eyed Susan, and some Italian rosemary... assuming you like to light a fire every now and again and roast something on it... would not be a bad start. Once you factor in the season and weather knowing that the temperatures in the summer would dry heavy denim within the hour. Other considerations are, while some of your backyard embellishments would spring back annually, you might sometimes replant. Don't even get me started with the maintenance part of this hallowed backyard.

With all this one might start to draw a parallel with complexities, patience and the quite laborious nature of growing and maintaining a garden or starting a published digital collection of ones life work.

Thanks for making it this far. Apologies for all the typos you might have encountered as this is written in the classic first draft mode.

Welcome to the garden.