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Disclaimer, bear with me as everything you are about to read is a first draft, reason is simple… I am no writer, and for some reason Damilola whom I blame for every strange oddity in the universe happens to be a gazillion miles away…

The Procession.

Portfolios are hard I mean really hard, if you go by the experts, there are rules to follow, “put your best work first”, “write in detail and explain things properly”, “your portfolio needs to wear Agbada instead of a suit” and a whole plethora of other things to follow. Over the years as a designer I’ve come to understand that design as a field ‘might’ have an expert problem, I could go into a whole rant about the entire thing but I will spare you all the drivel.

What one might see as a designers best work depends on the who you ask, or in this case the viewer, to the designer it might be something most folks might even consider repulsive, to the spectator, art director, critic, hiring manager or others it might be something the former will never want to ever see the light of day… Some of the best designers I know can’t even explain their work let alone tell you how they got to the final result, they are folks who just did the work…

I could also go into another rant about how designers tend to feel the results out… but that’s another rant on it’s own… with the advent of modern design (everybody is a designer) we can sort of say things kinda evolved, for better or for worse we cant say yet…

Why This.

Purpose for portfolios are very important, what this website/journal for me, is a place to post all sorts of oddities, complete and incomplete things, some I might explain some I might not, the idea is a tapestry or better put, fractal approach to all the work I have done and will do, Old things i am ashamed of will be put on here things i am proud of will be put here too…

At some point I realized that perfect is the enemy of good and what I have come to understand by that is flaws makes you real, it shows you have skin in the game, and makes you human.

The Techy Bit.

I have to admit, I am no Ire Aderinokun, but I can read and edit some bits-of-code (see what I did there) HTML/CSS & JS, I’m not scared of the terminal, I’m not fully conversant with Git, but i know some Home-brew and some other strange things.

Some of you might ask “But Chukwudi, since you know all this why not build your own website from scratch?” well, when it comes to my own thing I become the perfectionist and if you remember, “perfect is the enemy of good” as once said by an old hombre, I had to kill that side of me and put up something that works. WordPress on a cloud instance is not that bad for starts… It clears the part where I have to procrastinate, and all I literally have to do is what I love, which is just design more.


Thanks for making it this far, for once in my life i have successfully written something without a reference to beer. If you have any questions please let me know I will be more than glad to answer.

Laters… Chukwudi

Photo by Omer Rana on Unsplash

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