Market Quest

About the project.

Market Quest is a sophisticated real estate reporting tool, utilized by Coldwell Banker brokerages and agents, for aggregating MLS data and generating detailed reports to analyze market trends over a chosen period.

Making it easier for users to generate and share reports, this saves them time so they can focus on growing their business.


The initial version of MarketQuest was developed without considering user feedback and insights. The addition of various features made the tool complex and difficult to navigate, resulting in a cumbersome and confusing experience for users when generating simple reports.


Our goal was to enhance the user experience by making it more intuitive and familiar, while also simplifying the process of generating and sharing reports, reducing any friction for our users.

Role & Responsibilities.
  • Resolving UI issues tied to product milestones
  • Shadowing research sessions, helping understand and analyse feedback from users.
  • Contributing ideas and solutions beyond existing issues.
  • Delivering an overall visual language –
  • Constant and close collaboration between, product owners, scrum masters, and engineering team.

For version 2 of Market Quest, we sought feedback from users on the current version and asked if proposed enhancements would improve their experience. We conducted research by recruiting a diverse group of users from various locations to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the product is used.

  1. With the aim of streamlining the user experience, we propose the creation of a landing page or dashboard that serves as a central hub for accessing different report categories.
  2. In future updates, the dashboard will also display recent and aggregate report categories from the user's primary MLS area.
  3. The distinction between report generation, analytics data view, and marketing and export view will be clearly defined, allowing for easy navigation.
  4. The report filters will be redesigned to clearly indicate active and selected states.
  5. Additionally, a clear path for report generation and results management (including options to generate, publish, share and download) will be provided.

Our early prototypes and explorations for dashboard and individual report category pages.

Final Designs.

Our final designs were done in Figma, as it provided us a seamless hand-off to our engineering team.


Post launch we recorded a 93% increase in unique user logins. We continue monitoring usage data to further understand, test and address user needs. 

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