Market Trends

About the project

The Market Trends Reports, a feature of the Market Quest Platform, is an integral component of the Coldwell Banker Product Suite. It is designed to assist agents, brands, and brokerages in generating comprehensive and insightful data on real estate market trends.

The Problem.

The complexity of generating and filtering reports, due to the abundance of data and various options, proved to be a challenge for our users. Our research phase revealed that the difficulty in navigating, collating, filtering and publishing reports was further exacerbated by the outdated user interface. Such factors contributed to a less than optimal user experience.

Solution and Final Designs.

We improved the user experience by making it easy for users to create, organize, and share reports. We also updated the design to make it cleaner, consistent and responsive. We focused on the most popular reports and made sure they were easy to access and export.

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