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About the project.

The Nationla Teachers Institute is the largest distance learning university in Nigeria with over 100k students.

We designed a web app and a companion mobile to help new and prospective students seamlessly manage their applications, enable returning and current students seamlessly register for new sessions, courses and access school administrative services while they were enrolled in the university.

The Problem.

With 100k students, the university had run into challenges managing student life cycle. It was challenging for prospective students to apply to the university. The application process included offline components in the process. The same was similar for current and returning students. 
For the university the challenges were, an antiquated payment system. No seamless student administration and management. No service portal for students to access basic university services.


The university uses the distance learning model as its primary means of educating and serving students. This meant students needed an active internet connection for their learning. The institution had learning centre in localities around the country, for examinations this also doubled as an admin office where students could access limited services. Most students had distance challenges as they lived further away from the satellite campuses and learning centres.

The Solution.

With the availabity of mobile internet across the country, where 41% for the populace acessed the internet via a mobile device. We designed a student companion mobile app for the android platform due to It's high penetration, lower cost and adoption among the populace, our research uncovered that 90% of students interviewed used an android device. 

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