National Teachers Institute

About the project

The National Teachers Institute, Nigeria's premier distance learning university with a student body of over 100,000, engaged our services to develop a comprehensive web application and companion mobile platform. These tools were designed to streamline the application process for new and prospective students, as well as provide existing and returning students with seamless access to registration for new sessions, courses, and a variety of essential school administrative services, all while enrolled in the university.

The Problem

The National Teachers Institute, with a student body of 100,000, faced challenges in managing the student lifecycle, from the cumbersome application process for prospective students to the lack of a seamless student administration and management system for current and returning students. Additionally, the university's outdated payment system and lack of a service portal for basic university services further compounded these challenges.


Given the widespread availability of mobile internet and the fact that 41% of the population accesses the internet via mobile devices, we designed a student companion mobile app for the android platform. With its high penetration, low cost, and widespread adoption among the population, as well as the fact that 90% of students interviewed in our research used an android device, it was the clear choice for our project.

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