UI Icons

About the project

Evisort is an intelligent contract lifecycle management platform that protects, scales, and accelerates business.

I worked with the Product and Design Systems teams to create custom icons for the platform. The goal was to create an icon system that compliments the overall user experience, easily recognizable, cohesive and yet scalable.

The Problem.

Inconsistent icons can cause confusion for users and can negatively impact the overall user experience.  Different icons were used to represent the same action or feature across the interface, it was difficult for users to quickly and easily navigate the product. Additionally, icons were not designed on a consistent grid and with consistent strokes, which degraded the overall experience for users. 

Solution and Final Designs.

To address the current issues issues, it was important to establish a clear and visually cohesive icon design system and stick to it throughout the design process. We also reduced the overall icon count in the scenarios where duplication was detected, as through our research we realized recogniton over recall played a key role in most of the scenarios. 

For the finalized designs, it was important that icons are designed on a scalable 24px icon grid with a 1.5 - 2px stroke in order to match the overall design aesthetic of the product and ensure consistency with the rest of the user interface. All icons were designed in Figma.

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